05 March 2021

Ideas for decorating your home at Easter

Even if we will spend it at home and away from celebrations with relatives and friends, decorating the environment we live in can be a way to make it more welcoming, giving us a smile of peace and serenity.

04 February 2021

2021 trends for home furnishing

In the face of such a sudden change of habits as the one in which the pandemic led us, rethinking the spaces of your home is a way to distract yourself, to make it more comfortable and suitable for different moments of conviviality.

11 December 2020

A winter of colors: 2020/2021 trends

The beauty of furnishing accessories is their ability to transform, adapt and incorporate influences that improve the style and functionality of environments.
The 2020/2021 winter interior design trends exemplify this perfectly.

30 September 2020

Let’s your home smell nice with EDG’s fragrances

We could call it "olfactory furnishing": every fragrance encloses a baggage of memories, information, experiences and sensations that look like us and talk about us, creating a refined and exclusive atmosphere in our spaces.