Furniture for successful events


It is the lighting that creates the atmosphere. Not only the degree of intensity, but also the choice of light sources play an important role in the magic of your big event. One of the most popular accessories for summer occasions is undoubtedly the lantern with fake candles. A small light source in PVC, which will give your evening an intimate and elegant note, making the environment even more suggestive. And to impress your guests, you could combine our LED trees!


For us they are not just events. They are tailor-made experiences and, for this reason, they must be treated in detail. If until yesterday you thought it would be impossible to dine under a sky of roses, today you have changed your mind.

Among the ideas for the decoration of your events, artificial flowers and candles cannot be missing, which will lead you to experience an atmosphere you did not know yet. Be inspired by this ceiling quilted with stars and flowers, and if you want to keep dreaming, enter here. You will find many other decorations to make your events so special!


Sitting at the table has never been so exciting! When organizing an event, it is not only the decorations that give us a feeling of magic, but also a pleasant mise en place that, at the right time, will be a real invitation to the banquet. In fact, it's not just a matter of etiquette. Bringing elegance to the table also means setting it up creatively. Everything, even the smallest of details, must correspond to the reason for your anniversary. So follow a predominant colour and its shades or play with contrasts.

The aesthetic value will allow you to enjoy the dishes in the utmost relaxation and well-being. Did you know that? The choice of flowers is not accidental either. If you intend to recreate a classic and traditional style, we suggest you use fresh flowers, such as calla lilies and hydrangeas. Otherwise, wildflowers will give a more rustic and boho chic effect.


Our wide selection of items allows you to prepare the place settings, too. From the choice of glasses to that of plates and cutlery, our advice is to perfectly combine all these elements. The event table must be harmonious and distinguish the important convivial moment. Click here and find out how to personalize your mise en place, making your reception unique!