2021 trends for home furnishing


2021 main characters are natural calls, which infuse a feeling of escape and freedom. Despite remaining hand painted on paper and functional to wall coating, the choice of a fantasy nature creates a pleasant game of continuity with the world outside, without strong contrasts between exterior and interior.

Among the most popular nuances to decorate home in 2021, grey is the new neutral. With an elegant and welcoming character, this color in - its warmest shades - spices up the environment, creating an intimate and family atmosphere.

Pull it up to a soft pastel color palette, and you'll feel like going back to the 70s!


With a leap forward of ten years, the legendary 80's have conquered even the home decor, where the softness of velvet live with the symmetrical and sparkling shapes of metals.

The harmony of the house therefore marries an elegant, luxurious style with vintage notes. Enriching this choice also contributes glass, mirrors or marbles elements that allow light games, as well as the insertion of indoor plants that help maintain contact with nature.

If you live in apartment or in the city center, indoor green is a highly recommended choice not only because it's nice to see, but especially because it helps keep the house oxygenated.


Good taste in the kitchen can also be seen in the choice of accessories with which to present the courses.

New minimalism and pastel paintings don't just redesign the living room decor: even the kitchen area is allowed to be conquered by the tones of heaven and earth, which, in their poetry simplicity, enhance the shape and colors of every meal.

Essential decorations drive the mise en place, where vases and natural elements embrace a light tones palette, where only the dish stands out - the true protagonist of the table and unique touch of color.


Home is the place where every day begins and ends, where we can be ourselves along with so many memories.

This is why customizing it with design accessories can be a way to create an original environment, that tells about you and your experiences.

Detaching from a standard style doesn't mean going against trend. It is itself a style, the personal expression of your interests and passions.

Let yourself be enchanted by our latest trendy decorations, to rethink your home's spaces in line with the most popular furnishing trends!