Let’s your home smell nice with EDG’s fragrances

How many times has the scent of pine brought you back among memories of weekends spent among the fresh mountain air? Or did citrus fragrances remind you of a pleasant holiday in Greek or Sicily?
Here's how perfumes and room fragrances can be a sensory means to make us reenact wonderful moments or make a store and a home special.

Nothing in fact is more memorable than a perfume, which besides bringing back multiple memories, can even affect our mood. EDG has studied a wide range of water soluble fragrances, essences and scented candles to give a unique touch to every environment!


To create a fashionable design environment, you must first know how to choose carefully the colors and materials of furnishing accessories useful to stimulate people's sight and touch, maybe use soft music to make guests feel comfortable, and why not, also provide an olfactory experience with scented essences to make memorable entry and stay in a particular room.

For this reason, we at EDG's have studied a range of perfumers for environments, perfect for every occasion: from seasonal essences to fruity perfumes, to even enclosing the scent of grapes for the most overwhelming smells.


Do you own a store and want to conquer your Customers with an air freshener that makes their store experience unique? On our website you can choose among scented candles, fragrance sticks or parfume spray bottle, all enclosed and kept in smart design packages, because the eye wants its part too!

Each pack has its own style, different and particular: colored glass bottles for a minimal and simpler style, diamond-covered packaging to give a trendier and more luxurious touch to the living room and scented candles placed in beautiful glass bells to impress - only more discreetly.

Let yourself be enchanted by our proposals and find the perfect fragrance for your environments or the best smell for an elegant and unique gift at the same time!