Bring summer indoors with EDG

In the approaching summer, the sea becomes the protagonist of trends in furniture: with some precautions you can experience everyday life as if we were already on holiday, thus thinking of bright spaces in which fresh and bright colours such as white and silver dominate.

The sea contains an enormous charm: this is why an house inspired by its creatures is a dwelling that does not expect pomp, but rather approaches a luxury that plays with simplicity, albeit combined in great style. With its unmistakable shades and the light that distinguishes it, the sea offers dreamy atmospheres, which help us to stay immersed in that holiday mood that cheers us up and helps us to get out of the cold season in the best possible way.

The marine-style furnishing accessories are cheerful and imaginative, and even at the table they invite you to play with the corals of the seabed or with the shells of the shore.

Furnishing your home in a marine-style means living immersed between the sky and the sea, playing with decorated glass glasses, combined with softly coloured plates and placemats and striped placemats, which tend to imitate the waves of the sea.
Here then, in the purity of white, stand out the blue, typical of the waves, and the beige, reminiscent of sand.

In addition to the colours chosen to give greater brightness to the room, with these shades dominating the scene, there is also a great use of wood for furniture and accessories, typical materials used by fishermen or in port and naval environments.

Glamor and rustic at the same time, therefore, since the marine-style furniture can be placed wherever you want, in the kitchen as well in the living room!

It will then be accessories and furnishing accessories that recreate the charm of evenings by the sea, where the light of a candle projects glitter and shadows on the wall that help to reconcile sleep.

Relax is in fact the watchword even in the choice of objects. It is therefore inevitable that neutral shades take the stage: pastel coloured walls and velvety hues make the rooms restful, beautiful to look at and to live in.
With the addition of a few characteristic elements, the latest summer 2021 trends are not long in coming even in the places of our free time, such as a living room or a small terrace in which to sit and draw or leave our thoughts on paper. Here, powder blue knick-knacks give the environment - and our eyes - that touch of liveliness that gracefully cradle our moments of relaxation.

Natural light is the setting for the 2021 furnishing trends: large windows and light curtains thus allow the sun's rays to illuminate everyday life in the summer.

Everything, in this context, contributes to the creation of a place in which to spend most of our time in serenity; to work, to stay with the family, to live every day in harmony with the environment furnished according to our needs for aesthetics and functionality... naturally with an eye to new trends (and in this EDG is a great Master!).