Our Homi

Every year, with more than 800 square meters classifying us as one of the biggest buiding, we attend the exhibition in order to welcome you to our world and let you know new products and trends, from the rich and candid Christmas collections you will be surrounded by myriads flowers and soaked petals with all shades of Spring colors.

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Photo Shooting

The making of a catalog requires time and patience. Before arriving at the photoshoot, we work for a long time on the preparation of photography. Items and decorations are coupled in order to find the ideal combination desired by the decorator-designer to recreate the imagined atmosphere.

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For each snap the photo shoot is precisely organized, in such a way as to manage to get the desired picture. In the post production, we select the best shots, the ones that will guide you in choosing a style and your purchases. We complete the catalog with a creative writing work, to tell you the soul of our collection and, most of all, the magical vision of decorator that inspired it.

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