A place to take inspiration from!


At your arrival, the new EDG headquarters will show the whole modernist indole and the astonishing attitude of its founder: Enzo De Gasperi. From the exterior to the interior we will keep our promise: to give the best purchase experience to our customers, bringing them into the heart of EDG collections.


A strong natural imprint

It characterizes the interior features of the new EDG together with a minimalist and delicate beauty. Wood, steel, concrete and glass are the materials chosen for a low environmental impact realization.

The pursuit of Beauty

If you are here, it’s to look for the right inspiration to furnish and decorate interiors and personal spaces. We will put you in the best condition to do that, reproducing the contexts in which you'll have to measure.

The real innovation is the exhibition area. Spread over two floors, covering an area of ​​22,000 square metres. Here you will find new offers and furniture solutions in addition to the full range of items which have been cataloged, organized and grouped by collections. A wide exposure to answer in the best way to every creative need: interior and exterior furniture, decorations for the four seasons, artistic mise en place. Everything is needed to customize spaces and accommodate guests, making them live unforgettable moments.

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Building's Details

The new headquarters of EDG is four times bigger than the original one. The wide availability of space made it possible to bring in one building the offices, the sales area, the showroom, the bar-restaurant area and the warehouse. Choosing to equip ourselves with a large storage area directly in the headquarters meant that the whole storing system became more rational, with a consequent improvement of the products’ storing, their availability and delivery to the customer.

From a constructive point of view, the new EDG is a building at the vanguard of technique: designed in full respect of the earthquake proof compliance, and a high energy performance building set in the maximum class, the A4. Thanks to a wide photovoltaic system, the building benefits of a 100% independence from fossil fuels in electricity production for winter and summer heating, daylighting and hot water production.


Building the New EDG

In 3 years we have designed and built a new site not only bigger, but also more efficient and environmentally friendly. The new EDG feeds 100% from renewable sources.

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