Photo Shooting

The making of a catalog requires time and patience. Before arriving at the photoshoot, we work for a long time on the preparation of photography. Items and decorations are coupled in order to find the ideal combination desired by the decorator-designer to recreate the imagined atmosphere.

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For each shot, the photographic set is organized in a precise way, so as to get the best out of each design complement. In post production, we select the best shots, which will guide you in creating your style for every situation, from setting up a venue to setting up for a wedding. We complete the catalog with creative writing, to tell you about the soul of our collection and the magical vision of the decorator who inspired it.

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Furnishing venues with artificial plants and flowers

The poetic use of pastel colours allows us to immerse ourselves in a relaxing environment, where we can experience our moments of absolute relax. Thanks to flowers and plants, even an interior space becomes the perfect stage on which to set up an indoor garden.

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