Furnishing venues with artificial plants and flowers

It is the details, skilfully combined with materials, colours and light, that create the balance of a space.

Immersing ourselves in the soft shades of pink means abandoning ourselves to the sweetness and emotions that convert our mood, making us feel loved and protected.

That's exactly how we should be in our nest, where EDG furnishing accessories make the rooms warm and welcoming, spreading relaxing energy, combined with a touch of class and elegance.

Looking at the latest trends in furniture, we notice a great return of natural materials, which recall an eco-friendly and evergreen attitude as well.
Wood, wicker and rattan are the masters, accompanied by natural fibers such as raffia, jute, linen, hemp and bamboo.

These are versatile materials, which beautifully combine with a Nordic style, but also with a more colourful boho.

Relaxing atmospheres come to life thanks to the combination of natural stone with terracotta and wood, creating real green scenarios where you can feel in peace.

Eco-sustainability can be accentuated here, embellishing a room with real touch artificial flowers and plants or modern artificial flower arrangements.

In this context, the massive presence of plants in the house comes as a warm floral embrace, which inebriates your favourite corner of the living room.
We now go down to the land of Sicily to pamper the sight - and the mood - with furnishing accessories with warm and bright notes.

In fact, the vases containing the plants with which we can bring a touch of green to our home environments are of Sicilian inspiration.

The Mediterranean spirit gives us the warmth of the beautiful island, the land of Pistachio. With an obvious reference to Sicilian colours and scents, we are preparing for the 2021 summer furniture trends.

Getting inspired by Mediterranean trends can be an idea to avoid suffering from the dullness of long winters in the city. Therefore, with some simple furnishing accessories, it becomes possible to recreate within your own walls (and in any part of Italy!) the engaging atmospheres of ancient Trinacria.

Thanks to the citrus colours of yellow - a color of light and joy - and orange - which symbolizes creativity and harmony - environments acquire and return a new positivity.
An enchanting piece of furniture, perfect to accompany the emotion of the first sunsets in the open air, is the suspended rocking chair.

To be placed on a terrace, a veranda or under a porch, bringing grace and refinement, the hypnotic motifs and the comfort of its cocoon structure will be an authentic invitation to relax.

And if you don't know how to create an effective atmosphere in its simplicity for your settings, start with a cascade of wisteria flowers: their magic will make an outdoor space the ideal setting for your events.

For other ideas and special atmospheres, we invite you to come and visit us in our Showroom in Santa Maria di Sala (Venice): we will welcome you to a fairy-tale world, full of compositions of quality fake flowers and luxury artificial flowers, to hang, be placed at the entrance or tastefully at the center of your settings.