Original spring furniture: how to choose styles and colours

This period of the year has always coincided with a general lightness, expressed both in clothes and in home furnishings. It seems that the must of the spring is to remove, to lighten, because nature is already about coloring our days.
Open your doors and let spring bring its breath of fresh air! How? Follow us in this short vademecum to discover the latest trends.

Let's start from the trends in terms of colour, and therefore, from pastel shades. To give a touch of vitality to your furnishing accessories, choose colours that recall the current season. Impossible to go wrong with a nature palette in shades of yellow, green and pink; be inspired by the latest trendy shades to decorate your home in spring. Sensations of comfort are those that accompany Mint and Green Ash, two shades of green with sparks of energy, alternatively choose a Raspberry Sorbet, so delicate but enchanting, just like a raspberry sorbet.

And if you are already looking for summer ideasCerulean is much appreciated especially in furnishing accessories for the sea, because it reminds the sky of a sunny day.

A change of season doesn't necessarily mean big jobs, like painting one or more walls in a room. To give a more lively look to the interior spaces, you can play by replacing the upholstery of the cushions or seats. Renewing the color in relaxing environments can be a way to experience them with greater serenity. To find out our selection of poufs, enter here.
Let the light penetrate through windows, warming that last cold that still doesn't want to go away. Instead of heavy curtains with dull tones, you prefer lighter and more transparent fabrics, which filter the light.

Before being an explosion of colours, spring is a rebirth of nature. Few things make us feel as good as a beautiful sunny day with the scent of freshly blossomed daisies. In view of the summer, introduce plants and flowers to accompany your furnishing accessories. Not only will they relax your stay at home, but they will also help your good mood.

Imagine how much colour a bouquet of wildflowers can give in a corner of the living room. So too are the plants on the shelves. And if you have little time available for plant care, since you don't have green fingers? Succulents may be for you! Elegant in all their simplicity, they will give your summer furniture a green and refined look. Browse our product catalog and look for the right vase to match the flowers in your home.