A winter of colors: 2020/2021 trends


Let’s start with color: embracing the warm and enveloping shades of the earth is one of the most recommended color trends for winter 2020/2021 interior design, already partially cooled by the suffocated manifestations of affection. Olive green, cinnamon, paprika and burnt orange have the task of bringing warmth and energy into the rooms – shades that invite you to be pampered in an atmosphere with a regenerating verve, able to soften the pungent character of this cold season.

Furniture and accessories as well – that reproduce the natural elements of wood, surrounded by plants and ceramic objects – offer the opportunity to create a relaxing environment, which recalls an outdoor space. For us who spend a lot of time indoors, it will definitely be a welcome feeling!

EDG’s tip:
Main winter trends can be incorporated into any style with a personal taste: therefore identify the aesthetics of your personal taste and mix it with our furniture proposals.


This trend in furnishing accessories celebrates a clear return to the past.
In fact, sinuous shapes of the objects are coming back, inspired by the 60s and 70s. No more sharp edges or straight lines; go with stools and armchairs with rounded corners and soft curves.

A rounded sofa, for example, can give a living room or waiting room a welcoming atmosphere, creating dynamism and harmony. The other great advantage of the curves is their ability to gain more space in the room. Try it!


EDG’s tip:
A design that emulates waves, circles and curves offers the furniture an appreciated softness. Choose curved furnishing accessories for your living room: they welcome conversations with your loved ones.


With families experimenting smart working and distance learning, multifunctional spaces have become one of the most relevant interior design trends that 2020 has seen. 

In homes as in offices, there are more and more open space environments that make it possible to have multifunctional rooms well characterized by their furnishing accessories: placing design vases with beautiful plants inside can help to delimit an environment, at the same way in which centerpieces and candle holders can help to allocate the use of a desk to different purposes, depending on the chosen piece of furniture.

EDG’s tip:
There are really many furnishing accessories able to characterize a venue. Always try to choose functional objects that can adapt to multiple purposes.


Floral style furnishing accessories never tire! Floral style is one of those home decorating ideas that has stood the test of time. Naturally we’re not talking about the granny or hippie variety, but designs that draw on contemporary style and deliver a WOW factor in any room.

EDG’s tip:
Bright and contrasting colors always have a certain charm. Adapts the EDG-branded furnishing accessories, available in various sizes and colors, to different styles of furniture.


Embellishing every room of the house with soft carpet to warm the floor will give a warm sense of welcome, that will always make you feel at ease.

Among the trendy fabrics we find velvet, ready to cover cushions, armchairs and sofas, and which will also return in 2021. But remember: dull colors will be absolutely banned! Green light therefore to colors, in its brightest and most vibrant notes!

EDG’s tip:
In the combination of colors, opt for no more than two colors. The risk of burdening the environment is just around the corner!

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