EDG - Our Homi

An appointment that you cannot miss. You will get into a unique exhibition: precious decorations and unusual styles right inside the beating heart of EDG.

Winter Season 2017

Every year EDG dedicates to Christmas a huge collection made of shapes, objects, colors, shades and settings. 2017 Edition is all about different color-themes. Objects are covered with tridimensional and geometrical relieves, a clear recall to the molecular structure of a snow flake. Christmas trees are decorated with pendants and snow-balls, bringing life inside each home. There is also a full collection of porcelain tableware and little decorations like water-globes, carillons, lanterns and candles, Santas’ decorations, animal sculptures and pendants.

Suddenly Paradise

It is never too soon to decorate Christmas. This seasonal tradition represents EDG’s most important time of the year. That’s why we dedicate to Christmas a memorable collection, huge exhibit-spaces and previews of the latest trends which make us leader among specialized Christmas decorators. Our longer than 40 years’ experience, our care for details, the search for elegance and luxury, give us the chance to satisfy even the most needy client who is looking for tradition, classic things or innovation.